Gout: A Treatment Guide

Gout is a physical manifestation of higher levels of uric acid in the blood. Uric acid is a chemical compound created though the process of breaking down purines found in foods and beverages. The natural route for eliminating uric acids is the dissolution of the chemical in blood and passage through the kidneys however there is a term called hyperuricemia that means there are excess uric acid in the blood that cannot be eliminated and if these excess uric acid in the blood accumulates for some time, uric acid crystals may lodge in the joints and cause inflammation. The disease will cause nighttime swelling of joints, tenderness and limitation of range of motion. The most common joints affected are the ankles and knees. Click the link for more info

There are home remedies to minimize gouty attacks such as putting ice packs in the affected areas. This can be done by wrapping a pack of ice in a cloth and applying it in the affected areas for twenty minutes during the course of the day. Drink plenty of fluids to flush the excess uric acid in the blood and take anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen. 

There are several over the counter medications and natural preparations that can help lower uric acid levels. The target level for a normal uric acid in the blood is 5 mg/dL or below and most people who suffer from gouty attacks have uric acid levels above the normal and they need to lower down their uric acid levels. There is a natural preparation that helps lower uric acid levels in blood safely and the ingredients are. Read https://uriciplex.com/blogs/uriciplex-blog/uric-acid-tester-uric-acid-home-test-reviews now. 

Mojave yucca leaf extract that is believed to be an anti-inflammatory as well as decreases the absorption of toxins by inhibition. Artichoke leaf is also an ingredient and this is claimed to flush out uric acid from the body, another is milk thistle extract that also promotes elimination of uric acid and the last is turmeric that helps in lowering uric acid levels and also helps diminish inflammation. The preparation of this herbal supplement is in capsules and these are taken daily. It is recommended that you take the supplement for two weeks before your blood test. There are uric acid testers that you can use at home and the basic kit consists of a tester and a uric acid test strip. The teat is conducted by pricking your fingers and placing a drop of blood in the test strip before inserting it on the tester. It is convenient and easy to use. More tips here: https://www.ehow.com/how_5184382_cure-foot-gout.html.